Cornel West Explains Why It Bothers Him That Obama Will Be Taking The Oath With Martin Lurther King’s Bible

23 Jan

The guy make look a little eccentric but his point is profound. The summary of his argument seems to be if you are going to use MLK’s bible, then you must follow his ethos.

West uses the term of the “prophetic voice” of MLK to speak to society, and challenge the evils of that society. West seems to feel that Obama is playing politics with this heritage, trying to claim something that isn’t his to claim.

To this point, I understand West’s point but Obama is a product of MLK’s campaign, the first black President could only come about through the cultural and societal changes MLK started. Obama has a claim on that tradition as much as any black person in the US.

However, West also feels that Obama is lack the core concepts of this camping that brought so much for Obama. Justice, proof and peace are the hallmarks, with West going to to list where Obama, in his first term as president, fails on this.

I will leave the political judgement up to you on Obama. But it does challenge, it does ask questions of the method of this second and third generation of any liberation campaign. Does the campaign evolve into the likeness of the established way?


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