Miliband mansion, or is it a house?

21 Feb

Ed Miliband's Home

Did you know Ed Miliband lives in a London mansion worth £1.9 million? Actually, it’s more of a sturdy Victorian family house, but “mansion” is Miliband’s preferred word. Because we all know that only evil millionaires live in mansions, except when they are lived in by leaders of the Labour Party. Then they’re called “terraced house”.

If Ed and Justine decide to knock through their basement to create a playroom for the boys, they would push the value of their non-mansion over £2 million. It would then be eligible for Labour’s threatened mansion tax and the Miliband’s would have to pay at least £20,000 a year. That would serve them right for improving their house and giving lots of money to builders, paint manufacturers and makers of patio doors and family-friendly sofas and all those small firms that really, really need the business, even if it comes from evil millionaires or leaders of the Labour Party.

Nasty people for improving their house, investing in the local economy and doing well for themselves.


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