Hume & justice… Fair?

11 Aug

Chris Hume has found a job since leaving prison. A nice job reported at £100,000 per year for two days a week work (Telegraph). Whilst this job as an energy executive, it must be remembered that his political is over with no second chance according to almost all political commentators. So a new line of work was needed and Hume found one, in his area of expertise (being a former energy secretary).

Well done Mr Hume, who has succeeded in doing what many ex-prisoners struggle to do upon leaving prison: finding a job. In addition, considering his political background the job has been cleared by the Advisory Commission on Business Appointments, which advises the Prime Minister on new jobs for former ministers. So why are people in such uproar about this new job?

It is envy at the impressive salary for only two days work? Possibly but surely we should be both congratulating Mr Hume on finding work and not heading down the normal ex-con unemployment route. Also asking the question of why Hume is the exception rather than the norm.

When we, as a country, place our faith in restorative justice we should celebrate this success story of when restorative justice works. Are we envious that a man, out of prison, has found a good job? Hume has done his time, paid his dues to society and now in restoring himself as a valued member of society. A success story of restorative justice… If we want to complain, why not complain about why other ex-prisoners do not get jobs and thus hopefully seal their full returned back into society.


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