John Bunyan, spiritual writer

30 Aug

John Bunyan

Today in the Anglican lectionary is the lesser festival of John Bunyan, one of my spiritual heroes in a very famous writer namely for Pilgrim’s Progress.

Along with my love of the book mentioned, Bunyan is a good preacher and spiritual. Though he was the nonconformist minister, described the Baptist Congregationalist, he preferred to be described simply as a Christian.

A deeply spiritual man, he was born into a Christian family and baptised at his local Anglican church.after growing up in adopted the trade of his father, that of a tinker (itinerant tinsmith).gets his youth was spent in the days of English Civil War so he enlisted and joined the Parliamentary army. There is a story that John was saved from death one day, when a fellow soldier volunteered to go into battle in his place and was killed while walking sentry duty. at the end of the war he returned to his former trade.

Bunyan writes in his autobiography, ‘Grace Abounding‘, that he led an abandoned life in his youth and was morally reprehensible. Convicted of his sin during a sermon denouncing the violation the Lord’s day, he went on to hear from some local women of the town of which he was in at the time the burden of sin and the freedom in Christ.

Baptised again in 1655 he went on to preach and was arrested five years later for preaching without the approval of the Anglican Church and was in jail for more than 12 years. It was whilst in jail that he wrote his most well-known work. It has been continuously in print since its first printing. Bunyan’s remarkable imagery was firmly rooted in the Reformation doctrines of man’s fallen nature, grace, imputation, justification, and the atonement–all of which Bunyan seems to have derived directly from Scripture.

Few writers in history have left such a wealth of Christ-centered writings. My spiritual hero because of his devotion to the gospel, his understanding of suffering of life and his profound humble spirituality that comes through in his writings and preaching. in my eyes, a true Protestant saint.

The Collect for the day:

God of peace,
who called your servant John Bunyan
to be valiant for truth:
grant that as strangers and pilgrims
we may at the last rejoice with all Christian people
in your heavenly city;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.



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