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10 Reasons Why The Government is Wrong To Redefine Marriage

29 Jan
Houses of Parliament, London, England

Houses of Parliament, London, England (Photo credit: ** Lucky Cavey **)


10 Reasons Why The Government is Wrong To Redefine Marriage


The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill has had its first reading and due for its second reading on the 5th Feb (you can follow the progress here).


Both the Conservative and Labour party are allowing a free vote, so this means each MPs can vote as their conscience lead them. Part of this will include listening to the voices of their constituents.


Therefore this is a great time to contact your MPs (again if you have done so before) and express your views on the matter. Personally, the whole legislation concerns me which is why I have signed the Coalition for Marriage’s petition. You can find out who your MPs is and how to contact them here.


For is now becoming clear that Christian teachers with traditional views will have no protection from dismissal if they feel unable to promote the new norms. Many implications of the legislation will only become clear after the courts have become involved, but it is most likely that the assurances being offered will not hold, at least once the European Court becomes involved.