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This might sound a bit radical…

7 Jan

This might sound a bit radical but could UKIP actually get their own Councillors elected instead of relying on defectors?

This quote is one I found on the Democracy Forum as part of the debate of the defecting of Cllr Whittle (see below). This is the public’s perception, enhanced by the news of the growing support for UKIP driven largely (or so the news tells us) by defections from the Conservatives. However the facts disagree with the assumption.

The overwhelming majority of current UKIP Councillors were elected as UKIP, rather than being defectors. There are 38 local councillors, with 26 whom were elected. This includes the nine out of the seventeen seats for Ramsey Town Council won in the May 2011 local elections. A rise from one seat which lead to the Mayor being a UKIP Councillor  Likewise, UKIP has 12 MEPS with only one (Rodger Helmer) is a result of a defection.

So whilst in the early days, UKIP relied heavily on defections this seems now to have made way for full elected UKIP members. The perception maybe there but the reality behind it is changing,